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Increased energy and vitality

Better digestion with smaller, firmer stools

Relief from food sensitivities

Improved skin and coat

Improved weight and body condition

High enthusiasm for meal time



In 2010 Grizzly came into our lives and changed everything. We have been hand crafting small batch, artisanal food ever since he was 11 weeks old. We officially began this offering for clients in 2015. Grizzly is the seed that grew into the tree of our lives and changed us forever. Dogue translates to Mastiff in French, a homage to my roots in classical French cuisine and our first Mastiff Grizzly. Dogue is our mission to change the lives of as many dogs as we can. Feeding fresh, seasonal, quality whole food one meal at a time.



How much will a raw diet cost?

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Prices for meal plans will vary depending on the size of dog.

Do the meals need to be refrigerated?

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Yes. Raw food is real food, so it can stay in the freezer or refrigerator. Make sure to defrost before feeding!

Do I need to cook the food?

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Nope! All Dogue food is made ready-to-eat for your furry friend. Please be sure to defrost any food prior to feeding.

Do you take reservations?

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Reservations are preferred for Sundays. Email us to make a booking. Monday through Friday we are a Fresh Food Shop. On Sundays, Dogue turns into Bone Appétit Cafe.

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